You cannot judge a book by its cover. But you can judge a man by his books.

At the University of Virginia, we refer to freshmen as first-years, sophmores as second-years, &c. The term senior implies that a person has reached the final phase of learning, contrary to Jeffersonian ideals.

The following selection taken from my library paints a picture of my interests, beliefs, and inspiration for continuous improvement through lifelong education.

  • business
  • science
  • programming
  • design


To obtain a position in web application design and development that leverages creativity and technology and will provide the opportunity to contribute to organizational goals through continued development of personal skills.


Graduated May 2006

University of Virginia, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science



User Experience Lead

October 2009 — Present

Perform all developmental phases of the software delivery lifecycle, including requirements gathering, design, coding, component testing, and maintenance of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxx's Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx (XXX) web site, and, with a specialization in high-fidelity prototyping.

As User Experience lead, I instituted new methodologies into an already mature software delviery lifecycle to further minimize loss of fidelity to design, rapidly prototype, and continuously validate designs against requirements. This has resulted in better lead times for developers, higher quality deliverables, and fewer defects going into production.

  • Led the design and prototyping for Xx-Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx from ideation, to sale, to implementation. This product has been highly successful, reaching over 600,000 users in its first two months in production (as of September 7, 2012).
  • Developed a web-based, usability testing tool using CakePHP under a tight deadline (two months). This tool has allowed the team to scale our testing efforts ten-fold, reduce the time taken to analyze results, and position us for a more data-driven approach towards development with A/B testing.
  • Led the re-design of the entire website. I used this as an opportunity to implement Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 specifications and improve our HTML semantics, which led to increased maintainability, extensibility, and cross-browser compatibility of our code.
  • Launch and maintain a UNIX-based development environment on Amazon Elastic Cloud. The environment has since been used to deploy prototypes written PHP, Ruby, and Java, allowing us to quickly gather and respond to client feedback.
  • Led Section 508 (Accessibility) testing and development. Since taking responsibility for accessibility testing, we have improved our process with a clearly defined methodology that has allowed us to successfully pass accessibility testing with zero issues for the past five releases.
  • Wrote scripts to quickly pull and parse large amounts of online data. These scripts were later modified and incorporated into prototypes with AJAX.
  • Develop a web-based tool that creates the text-based images still used on our legacy websites.
  • Organized an account-wide 10-week Coding Competition, which challenged our coders with examples from Project Euler. This was a highly successful event which fostered conversation between our technical and functional resources alike. This encouraged functional resources to brush up on their programming and algorithms knowledge, pushed our developers to discover new optimization techniques, and allowed management to identify talented resources that were being underutilized.
  • Lead the design of a web interface for submitting xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx. Design layout architecture, write controllers and views, and implement using Spring Tiles.
  • Write PHP scripts to parse Spring message files and JSPs to identify areas of code quality improvement.
  • Develop custom Javascript (jQuery) widgets.
  • Create UI Standards and Styles Guide to catalogue website design patterns, conventions.
  • Create a dashboard for client using JackBe Presto mash-up software.
  • Created an interactive Flash video for training XXX users in foreign countries using Adobe Captivate.
  • Conduct a series of training sessions audiences of up to thirty analysts, totalling 180 training hours.
Business Development

August 2008 — October 2009

In addition to the primary roles I have assumed on the project, I have been involved in numerous sales projects to build my skills as a business operator. I have worked closely with Accenture directors and small business executives to respond to over a dozen RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, and write white papers.

  • Designed proof-of-concept interfaces used in acquiring new work.
  • Research systems that we interface with to strategize how new work could be acquired.
  • Created process flow diagrams of the internals of the XXX system and external interfaces.
Client Service Delivery

April 2007 — August 2008

Client Service Delivery is tasked with Change Management and Release Management responsibilities. I worked closely with the client to gather requirements, plan the development schedule, and mitigate risk and slippage throughout the process.

  • Owner the XXX System Technical Reference. Redesigned (heavy emphasis on layout and typesetting) all six volumes (over 30 documents) to improve readability for both functional and technical stakeholders. Conducted client meetings to ensure system changes and legislative updates were captured and documented.
  • Worked with clients to develop presentations for National XXX Conferences, attended by over 3,000 xxxxxxxxx xxx administrators, software developers, and third-party vendors.
  • Developed execution management tools for Change and Release Management teams to track the status of a release from Assembly Test through Product Test phases. These tools aggregated information from numerous sources into reports for stakeholders.
  • Ensure integrity of issue-ticket tracking tool and timely resolution of system defects and Service Requests.
Product Testing

June 2006 — April 2007

As a product tester, I wrote and executed test scripts for two major releases.

  • Conduct script review meetings with client and responded to client requests during all phases of product testing.
  • Led a team of three to modernize the regression testing suite by prototyping automated testing with IBM Rational Functional Tester.
  • Received an award for the development of tools (flat-file generators, data readers) integral to the timely implementation of a release that was behind schedule.
  • Designed and developed an internal, project-wide portal based on the Wiki framework.


Web Development

HTML 5, CSS 3, Java, JavaScript, JSON, XML, XSLT, MySQL, MongoDB


Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, CakePHP, Play!, Ember.js, SproutCore, less.js


Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++,, PERL, CGI

Development Tools

Eclipse, Maven, Hudson/ Jenkins, Subversion, Mercurial, Git, Tomcat, Jetty, Fisheye, Crucible, Azure, JackBe Presto


MS Office 2010, MS Project, MS Visio, Adobe Creative Suite 6 (Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Flash), Adobe Captivate

Other Tools

IBM Rational (Requisite Pro, Functional Tester), Serena TeamTrack, JIRA

Activities & Affiliations



  • Building high-performance computers and servers
  • Embedded electronics (circuitry, programming microcontrollers in C)


  • Mensa
  • Lambda Phi Epsilon (Charter Class, UVA Chapter)
Tuan Huynh

Tuan Huynh

Web Design and Development

I'm a web developer based out of Washington, DC.

I have pursued web development as a hobby for the past 21 years, and I have been fortunate enough to make my passion a full-time profession.

I enjoy engineering interactive websites, continuously sharpening my skills as a consultant specializing in user experience, accessibility, and digital government.

I don't usually wear bow ties.